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Services and prices for online surveys

Service Price incl. VAT
Create surveyFree
Start, carry out, analyse a survey up to a maximum of 2,000 answersFree
Maximum durationUnlimited
Maximum number of questionsUnlimited
Maximum number of survey participantsUnlimited
SPSS exportFree
Invitations by automatic email deliveryFree
Use your own layout for the questionnaire (size, colours, logo and images)Free
Student rates4,000 instead of 2,000 answered questions can be analysed free of charge
Additional services: 
Carry out survey free of advertisements9.90 euros per survey
Enable additional answers to the 2,000 or 4,000 already included for analysis (can be done at any time, even if the survey has already started)
1,000 answers:10 euros
2,000 answers:19 euros
5,000 answers:45 euros
10,000 answers:80 euros
Flat rate duration 1 year:250 euros
Register a new internet domain and set up and carry out surveys on the domain.
Price per domain for 1 year including installation of the survey:
.de-Domain:16,90 Euro
.com-Domain:19,00 Euro
.ch-Domain:23,80 Euro
.at-Domain:27,80 Euro
.nl-Domain:19,80 Euro

Example 1:

Your survey consists of 20 questions, 100 participants will answer all of the questions.

A total of 2,000 questions will be answered. Execution and analysis is completely free.

Example 2:

Your survey consists of 40 questions, 300 participants will answer all of the questions. A total of 12,000 questions will be answered. The survey will be carried out without advertisements.

To be able to view all answers in the analysis in addition to the free 2,000 answers, you can release a further 10,000 questions for 80 euros, exclude advertisements for 9.90 euros and pay a total of 89.90 euros.

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