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Edit question in your survey

[You are reading the instructions on how to create an online survey, the functions have been deactivated.]

While you are editing a questionnaire you can get to the editing form via the "Edit question" button, which looks something like this depending on the question type:

Question type:

GeneralBranching logicLayout


Additional text below the heading:

 The question must be answered
 Do not number question
 Attach to previous question (heading and numbering will not be shown) You can see an example here.
 Display this question right next to the previous question
 The number of answers must be between and .
 Random order in the questionnaire
Number of columns:

Answer possibilities:
Activate the checkbox when the item can only be choosen alone.
e.g. an item "No answer"


Optional: Answer possibilities with an additional entry field for a text answer.

Position of the entry field in the selection list: 

< Cancel

  • Question type:
    • Static: any text, e.g. information for the user
    • Evaluation with overall score: You can specify a maximum score between 2 and 10. The respondent gives a mark between one and the maximum score for each line of text and an overall score.
    • Evaluation without an overall score: You can specify a maximum score between 2 and 10. The respondent gives a mark between 1 and the maximum score for each row of text.
    • Single choice: The choice of one answer from several possibilities
    • Multiple choice: The choice of one or more answers from several possibilities.
    • Free answer question: any text answer is possible.
    • Matrix: Table with as many rows with the items to be assessed as you want and with up to 10 columns with column headings which can be freely chosen. Each item (row) can be rated with exactly one attribute (column).
    • Ranking/Hierarchy: With this question type the participant gives a ranking by rating the items to be assessed with a number from 1 to n with a different score for each item.
  • Heading: Heading which is shown on each question
  • Text (only for static questions): Text which is shown on the screen.
  • Question must be answered:Activate the check box, if the survey participant must answer the question.
  • Do not number question: The question will not be numbered on the questionnaire.
  • The number of answers... (only for multiple choice): Enter the minimum and maximum number of answers that can be ticked.
  • Response options (Evaluation, single and multiple choice): Here you can enter the possible answers or the rows of text which are to be rated.
  • Optional (for single and multiple choice): Text which can be chosen freely (e.g. "Other:", for which the respondent can give a free text answer.
  • Click "Save" after editing to save the changes and return to the questionnaire.
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